What's next?

Last week, SiCortex ceased operations and started an asset sale process. There are various accounts around the net; CNET has a decent brief summary. I've been with SiCortex since just after it was funded in October, 2004, and it's been a lot of fun. We had a great team, a fascinating product, and some of the best customers anyone could hope to have. For the next short while, I'm still with the company to assist with the asset sale process.

After that, what's next? I'm starting to look at several things, both new startups and established companies, and taking some time to do that. In the interim, I'll be updating the site for my consulting company, Serissa Research, and possibly taking on some new business there.

What's interesting? I'm not really sure yet. One of the consequences of focusing on a startup for a while is the fading of what else is happening. And one of the consequences of a forced change is a chance to look around again to see what really is interesting, from many points of view–technology, business, and value. Some of what I'm looking at will show up here, and some of it shows up in my column in the ACM's NetWorker magazine.

So drop me a note if you've got something interesting.

(Yes, I know the link to SiCortex above will be dead sometime soon. But you can't not link on the web!)