A Trick to Sort Through Finder/Spotlight Search Results

Sometimes I have occasion to search my Mac with Spotlight for files (usually via the Finder) and then consider each file in turn for whatever I am looking for. For example, I recently wanted to look at everything I had noted about the reference manager Zotero. It's easy to get a list of all the files, but harder to check them off a list as I look at them.

When I am done with each file, I tag it with a color (usually gray) using a quick right-click, and extend the search to include "Tags is not gray" [[#fn.1][1]]

As I tag each file gray after I look at it, they automatically disappear from the list. When I'm done, I do another search for gray (which is now a saved search) and remove the tag from all the files.




[[#fnr.1][1]] Note that "Tags" doesn't show up in the main criteria list by default, so look for it under "Other". You can check the box to make it show up on the main criteria list for future searches.