Dear Dell: Stop the paper!

Dear Dell:

These days, we all want to cut costs. And save the environment. How about you do both at the same time?

Stop sending me paper mail. Postcards? Don't need them. Catalogs? Likewise. If I need a Dell PC, I know where to go. (Frankly, I haven't needed one in a while, since I mostly use Macs, but I have bought them on occasion.) Actually, the last ones were for someone else.

I have followed your website instructions about 5 times over the past year, and it's not getting through. I called another company about a similar problem, and they stopped. Calling doesn't seem to work with you, Dell.

Heck, if you insist, I'll even put up with getting emails from you. At least the bits get recycled. (And I can filter the email. Oops, forget I said that.)


Don't Want Paper