Writing AppleScript with Emacs

In playing around with AppleScript recently, I started wondering if there was an AppleScript mode for Emacs. Of course, there is. In fact, one version is bundled in with Aquamacs, which is the main version of Emacs I use on the Mac. The copyright date on it 2004. Is there a more recent version?

As far as I can tell, not really. Google has a few results with actual code:

  • ieure/applescript-mode (This is the version linked to by the MELPA package repository as well) (last updated 2009)
  • a copy in the Emacsmirror github repository, which "collects Emacs Lisp packages and distributes them in [the] form of Git repositories – one per package" (last updated 2004)

The EmacsMirror version is the same as the one packaged with Aquamacs, except that string-to-int has been changed to string-to-number. The ieure version seems to have some code reformatting and very minor code changes, and does not have the string-to-number change.

For the moment, then, it seems safe to stay with the one that ships with Aquamacs. The mode is apparently very stable or rarely used, or both.