Welcome to my personal blog! I'm Win Treese, and I write here about whatever seems interesting at the time. My major projects at the moment are researching a book on the history of Maxwell's Equations, and exploring some algorithms in image processing.

I have previously done consulting work on various aspects of computer and network security, served as Director of Programs and Project Management at Boston University's Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering, led software development at high-performance computing startup SiCortex, worked on e-commerce systems (especially security) as Vice President of Technology for Open Market, one of the earliest Internet commerce software vendors, in systems research at Digital Equipment Corporation's Cambridge Research Laboratory, and served as Chief Systems Engineer for MIT's Project Athena. Of those, only MIT and BU are still operating.

I can be reached by email at treese@acm.org or on Twitter as @wintreese.