Ode to an NFT

Sample from In the Cloud: Poems for a Technological Age

An NFT sounds nifty,
The latest techno-thing.
But maybe sort of shifty,
When you find out that it means
A "non-fungible token."

“Fungible” sounds like “fungus”
But it's really all about
Making up a ruckus
With nothing left to doubt.

"Fungible" means things
That can be interchanged.
Put "non" in front—it then implies
That something's not the same.

A token's just a thing you buy
That’s almost like money.
But those all can be swapped around
With fungibility.

NFTs are not the same,
They all must be unique.
They represent (what “token” means)
With only one to seek.

First, you mint an NFT
With your crypto-magic key.
Then you put it on the blockchain
For everyone to see.

What's the blockchain? You may ask,
as this starts to get complex.
They say it's like a ledger
That anyone can check.

Then maybe you can sell
Your brand-new NFT
But not the real original
On that we can agree.

If someone reads this poem,
When a few more years are done,
They may wonder what was happening
In twenty twenty-one.

This poem's not an NFT
But maybe it should be.
With its bits recorded perfectly
For all of history.

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